4 Reasons Why You DON’T Need a College Degree

 College – the best four years of your life or so they say.

You’ll make lifelong friends and memories on your way to success beyond your wildest dreams…probably.

Well, what if the next step in life that most proclaim as the quintessential step to being financially stable and never having to worry about a job is something YOU aren’t sure about?

Today, we’ll dive right into 4 reasons why you DON’T NEED COLLEGE and are COMPLETELY OKAY to live life for a while to figure yourself out.

1. Job Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons I went to school was to make sure that, no matter what, I had the right qualifications for a job. Earning a degree would ensure that I could attract a career no matter my journey in life.

On paper, this is EASILY one of the biggest reasons so many people head to school. Here’s the thing they don’t tell you though is…when you graduate school, you’re not only going against every new graduate in the market, but you are going up against EVERY person who also has years of experience and possibly connections on the inside of the job you may want.

Unfortunately, entry-level jobs are not as “easy” to land as you would think. In fact, glance over some of the “entry-level” jobs and you’ll see some are requiring 3-5 years of experience (total SCAM in my opinion) and pay isn’t exactly like the

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with wanting a better job, but if you’re thinking about going to college BECAUSE you want to ensure you can always get a job no matter what, STOP. Just say no.

Chances are if you are honest with yourself, you probably DON’T have an idea of what you NEED a college degree for.

Listen, I was the same back in the day. I would have an elaborate story of how I wanted to be a pharmacist, an engineer, a physical therapy assistant, an electric lineman…you get the point. Truth is, I DIDN’T want to seem DUMB for NOT KNOWING what I wanted to do in life.

Save yourself the hassle. If you’re 17, 18, or 19 thinking about school and not sure what you want to do, DON’T sign up for college immediately. You’re better off working somewhere local and staying at home until you become more self-aware of your interests.

Not only can you find out what you like during this time, but what you DON’T like. Use that as motivation to figure out where your place is in life.

2. The College Lifestyle

Going off to school is exciting – New people, new places, new experiences.

College is about figuring yourself out…well, mainly it is more free time with time blocks throughout the day instead of 8 hours of school with people you may or may not like.

On the surface, like anything social media related, everything looks like fun.

Drinking Starbucks, heading to the beach or somewhere scenic with friends having fun, a possibly hitting it off with someone cute that might turn into something by the end of the night.

Yeah, you don’t need college for this.

If anything, college PROHIBITS you from FULLY getting to enjoy the above lifestyle and here’s why.

Unless you are receiving something like a full scholarship, loads of grant money, or having parents that pay the way, you are LITERALLY doing the above just to accumulate DEBT.

Student loan debt is no joke and EXACTLY one of the reasons I mention this and job opportunities as reasons NOT to get a college degree.

As of February 2020 per Forbes.com, the average student leaves college with around $32,731 with an average payment of $393. That may not be a number that scares you, but if you don’t have the privilege of living at home after school, add that average payment to your rent, utilities, food, and anything else that is a monthly cost to your budget and you could understand why the “college lifestyle” is not something you want to pay for later.

3. Meeting New People or Finding People of Similar Interests

Meeting new people can be fun. 

If you’re someone like me, I can be a social butterfly, especially when it comes to football (GO CLEMSON TIGERS), entrepreneurship, video games, working out, you get it. 

Well, truth is you can meet new people in your area WITH similar interests nowadays thanks to the Internet. For example, chances are you can go on Facebook and find a group near you that conversates or meets.

College CAN be great for meeting more “ideal” people in your age range but definitely not something you NEED college to find.

4. Figuring Out Who I Am

Most teens and young adults STRUGGLE to feel comfortable with who they are and what they like. Truth is, MANY ADULTS still feel the same in some forms or fashions.

The best way to figure out who you are is to LIVE LIFE for a while. There is no time limit to how long you need to do this. Becoming self-aware of what you like and dislike is going to be a HUGE factor for your quality of life.

You DON’T need college to figure yourself out.

One day at a time is going to do that naturally without costing you thousands in the future (as long as you’re responsible).

SO, whatever you are interested in, jump in and see what you find out. You MAY find out you REALLY like some things and other things you’ll find you’re not too crazy about doing. Let THIS help you decide how to plan your future.

Nope, you DON’T need a College Degree

Don’t get me wrong…College has its place (this is for another article).

HOWEVER, most people nowadays DO NOT need a college degree to go far in life.

The biggest gamechanger you have is what you have in your hands…technology and the Internet! EVERYONE that has access to the Internet can be players in the world if they so choose.

Of course, this article isn’t the END ALL of personal perspective. Mainly, I just want to reassure those that aren’t sure what they want to go to college for that it is TOTALLY OKAY to feel that way.

Truth is, you DON’T need a college degree to be successful in life unless something you are absolutely passionate about requires a college degree.

Otherwise, don’t worry about college. Go out, live life, and if your path leads you to go back to school for something you are super sure about then by all means at least YOU fully made the decision and didn’t mindlessly go just because you weren’t sure of your next steps.

What do you think?

Always excited to hear from the reader’s perspective!

  • Do you feel like you need a college degree today?
  • What would you advise someone reading this on the fence about what they should do?

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You DON’T Need a College Degree”

  1. Hi Glennjamin
    Great article! Life is such a conundrum really, we have to make decisions for the rest of our lives when we do not even know who we are yet! Then, we make those decisions, go for it and 15 years down the track we may realise that this was not “it” for us after all.
    My thinking on this topic is: if you have the opportunity to go to college without racking up major debt, go for it. When the 10 to 15 years has passed and you discover that there is something else you are more passionate about … go for it again! It’s really cool that we can change course and careers at any stage of our lives. It takes more courage to make major changes as you get older, but it can still be done – with an awesome journey along the way and amazing outcome too! 🙂
    You raise interesting and valid points in your article – thank you so much.

    • Absolutely!

      If someone is able to go with minimal to no debt then full-steam ahead!

      Sadly, going to college is a complicated decision for almost everyone but I hope someday going to college won’t be a stressful decision.

      Part of the reason I started this blog is to help those find their own line to follow as there’s a lot of outside factors (parents, finances, etc) that can lead someone to act impulsively now and hope for the best later…if I can help those people make the best decision for their welfare I will be overjoyed.

      Thank you for taking a moment out of your day during these crazy times to comment!


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