4 Reasons Why You NEED a College Degree

NOTE: This is a follow-up article to “4 Reasons Why You DON’T Need a College Degree

After ranting and raving about why you DON’T need a college degree, I find it appropriate to go over some of the POSITIVES of a college degree.

Here are 4 reasons why you NEED a college degree.

1. Networking Opportunities

Correct – networking is not a necessity to go to college.

In fact, you can go all through college and not make one professional connection if your sole purpose is to obtain a degree. However, what college does is OPEN the doors to make those connections to allow you to advance faster up the totem pole and find opportunities that are not going to be available to others.

For example: I was a Comm Studies major in school. When I was a fresh graduate, I thought I wanted to work in admissions since I liked working for the school I attended (University of South Carolina Beaufort) as a student ambassador.

I developed good relationships with my professors and superiors that allowed me to use them as references (probably another good topic to touch on later). I applied for an admissions position with a technical/trade school not far from when I went to school and was able to land an interview thanks to those connections I made in school.

There’s a saying: your network is your NETWORTH. Similar to how you are a combination of your closest friends.

If you’re like I was, I had a hard time reaching out to people because I didn’t want to just USE them for a job opportunity.

Truth is, this is the way of the world and most people are going to be HAPPY to recommend you for a job if asked to do so. 

2. Internship Opportunities

Segwaying from the networking aspect of college, certain internships REQUIRE that you are a college student.

Here’s the wonderful thing that college CAN help you with.

The school you attend will usually have something like a career or job fair day (or week) in which local and national businesses set up shop to provide information to prospective students for internships or even job opportunities.

THIS is the time to leave a good impression if there is a certain organization you want to apply to in the future. You may even be surprised to find a smaller local business that catches your eye.

Don’t forget to get a business card (and the name of the person) or even ask if you can drop off a resume to the place you are interested in – initiative goes a LONG way in making a good impression.

Also, don’t hesitate to swing by the career services department (or check out their site) as businesses tend to reach out all the time.

3. You actually NEED a Degree for WHAT You Want to Do

Correct – if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, you are going to HAVE to get a degree.

THIS is where it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you have no doubt that THIS is what you want to do.

Seriously, money looks AWESOME on paper but when it comes to the personal enjoyment aspect of these careers, you NEED to know you’re going to find fulfillment in what you do.

Originally, I went to school thinking I wanted to be a pharmacist. I even shadowed a pharmacist and really liked what I saw – however, other than bragging about being everyone’s go-to guy at the local Walgreens, I’d later learn that although I had a mild interest in the sciences, it wasn’t WHO I was going to be as a person.

This is where you NEED to be SUPER self aware. Just because it sounds good in theory doesn’t mean it translates.

DON’T let money be the decider. I came from a family that lived just above the poverty line so I KNOW when looking at the projected salaries that it can be exciting but there is more to it than just money to be made.

Not to mention the cost of graduate school means if you start it, you are ALL IN as you are going to walk away with some SERIOUS debt unless you’ve managed to secure some scholarships (yeah, you’ll want to secure ANY financial help you can get that doesn’t require you to pay back).

4. You Have a Full Paid Scholarship to Your Dream School 

Exactly as stated – this is a no brainer.

Whether you are a star athlete with professional aspirations or fortunate enough to earn a full-ride, you have got to strike while the iron is hot. Chances are your scholarship PROBABLY won’t be available forever so taking on almost no debt to get a four-year degree at your dream school should require no thought.

And the best news…if you find out a college degree isn’t for you, you can LEAVE WITH NO DEBT.

Something to Think About

In all, these articles are meant to help you connect with you to find out what is best for YOU.

College can be great for some and not needed for others. 

If you aren’t sure what you want to do yet, I would HIGHLY suggest you not go to college and live life for a few years.

One of the biggest reasons people change their major so much is because they don’t know who they are versus the things they say to seem smart about their decisions. 

DON’T let the “appeal” of college motivate you to go because you can do plenty of partying or self-discovery WITHOUT taking on thousands in debt.

Be fair to yourself. The truth is you can go back to school at any point in your life.

What do you think?

I’m always interested to hear other’s thoughts!

  • What are some other reasons you would NEED a college degree?
  • If you went to college, did you need your degree for what you wanted to do in life?
  • If you’re on the fence about needing a college degree, what is making this decision tough? is it family or pressure to live up to someone else’s expectations or something else?

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You NEED a College Degree”

  1. Hey Glennjamin
    Thank you for sharing this article – agreed, certain careers definitely need a degree and the world cannot do without doctors (especially right now!).
    I also agree that the relationships and experiences whilst in college are priceless. So worth going to College after school, plus there is the opportunity to mature or graduate from being a “school kid” to young adult whilst in College.

    • 100%!

      College is a WONDERFUL experience if used in the right way.

      In a perfect world, we would all get to go early and periodically throughout our life to enhance our knowledge and cultural appreciation (I know there are definitely times I miss the camaraderie with classmates LOL).

      Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to read this!


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