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Hello, Fellow Cool Kids!

Welcome to Glennjamin Thinks! This site is here to give you different perspectives on life and the life journey in general.

Glennjamin’s Story

Today, I’m married, have a college degree, and one smart-mouth puppy.

However, like everyone in life, I have plenty of life experiences to go around.

I struggled with low self-esteem for YEARS.

Growing up, I found myself being picked on for my size quite often. If it wasn’t the kids at school, I was being fat-shamed at home by my step-dad. To top this off, I was a shy guy that could only hope other kids liked me enough to talk. 

Although my home life could be turbulent, thankfully, I had some solace in competing in sports and making my friends laugh at school. I didn’t get to hang out with friends much and usually wasn’t the first picked for sports but I always liked surprising those around me when it was time to shine.

School, church, and sports were overall an escape that helped me cope with day-to-day life.

I didn’t have the worst upbringing but it did lead to some undesirable qualities like unresolved anger, self-esteem issues, and depression.

In high school, I got professional help in the form of a counselor. This led me to work on different aspects of my being and allowed me to help myself at an age where one’s identity is hard to figure out. I got the help I needed to approach aspects of life in a healthier manner.

Although I couldn’t control what life threw at me or what others did, I could control my own actions. My mom is one of my biggest 

No, I’m not some yogi that can float (least not yet LOL) but I’ve come a long way despite my circumstances and that led me to create this site.

Why does Glennjamin want to help people?

Easy – I want others who have suffered or felt like they had no hope to know there is a way. I want others to know that there is someone that wasn’t born with the most stable family, that their success isn’t defined from where they come from, but who they choose to be today and every day after.

The Goal of Glennjamin Thinks

My goal is to help others find their way.

No two life journeys are the same and I’m here to help make sense of some things.



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