Wealthy Affiliate Website Review 2020

Affiliate marketing.

These words shake dollar bills at us and fill our heads full of fantasies of millionaire bank accounts and limitless time doing whatever we want.

Make money while you sleep! So EASY your dog could be making millions by next week! Drop your affiliate link and watch the dollars roll in like waves crashing on the beach. ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT!

Like possibly yourself, I have been intrigued by people making money online. How do they do it? Are they scamming people? How would they be able to make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day? Sounds WAY too good to be true.

After years of stumbling around in the dark, buying e-courses, and hoping for the best with not much to show, I came upon the Wealthy Affiliate site.

At first, I was super skeptical because…well, once you’ve signed up for one webinar or online course then you come to expect upsells and more things tossed at you to pay for by the minute being promised your just one payment away from unlocking the most important info to make the millions of dollars and live life in luxury.

Much to my surprise though, this site not only backed up their word of non-commitments and a free service but the community welcomed me with open arms.

Since I wanted to help others, I felt compelled to write this article to let you know it doesn’t have to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started. Sometimes it is as simple as signing up and putting in the work with a supportive community around you.

Here is my Wealthy Affiliate website review and what to expect for all you newbies or curious people out there.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Overview
  • Pyramid Scheme?
  • Cons of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Free to Start
  • Costs
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Overview
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training Overview
  • Final Thoughts

Or if you just want to jump to the Wealthy Affiliate website and see for yourself what all the hoopla is about, click here.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

This website is one of THE best affiliate marketing sites to come across. Here are a few reasons why I like Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

First, WA offers a step-by-step process that allows someone with no experience (in affiliate or online business) to build and monetize a website from the ground up. WA even offers training to get the user started in various aspects like choosing your niche, building traffic, outlines for writing articles, and how to monetize your site. 

Secondly, the community for WA is INSANELY active. I used to be afraid of posting questions online for fear of ridicule or being called lazy, but the WA community does an excellent job of answering questions and offering support to anyone needing help with questions.

Lastly, WA DOES NOT REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD TO SIGN UP OR USE THEIR SITE. Sorry but the CAPS are needed to emphasize how awesome that is to not have me set a reminder to cancel when the free trial is up LOL.

Next, I’ll go over some of the good to know details.

Pyramid Scheme?

One of the pressing questions you may have is…well, is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) a pyramid scheme? Short answer…no.

WA DOES have an affiliate program but here’s the short version of what it is like:

  • You DON’T have to be a paying subscriber (aka premium member) to make money from their affiliate program.
  • You earn money if someone upgrades to premium and receive a percentage of their subscription (monthly, 6-month, yearly) when they pay and you are paid every month for your referrals.
  • If you’re a PREMIUM MEMBER, you get PAID MORE MONEY for members that join through you.
  • You ONLY make money through YOUR REFERRALS. So if you bring someone on and they sign somebody else up, you do not get a portion of their referral bonus. 

Overall, it is a fair setup and once you sign up for a free account you can read all the details to ensure you’re within guidelines if you want to promote WA and make money as an affiliate.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll go ahead and touch on some of the cons of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to save some folks from scrolling to the bottom, so here’s what I found so far in my WA experience.

First, you get limited access with free membership. In order to get all the training modules available, you will have to pay for premium membership.

Second, once you pay for membership there is no refund after your first month. For instance, if you pay for a 6-month membership, you are locked in for that 6-month membership. 

Now, you do get notified when they are about to bill you so if you wish to not move forward with your membership, be sure to go to your billing settings and cancel your membership. Since the premium membership is reoccurring, they will charge you until you cancel.

Third, sometimes the technical support can take a while to get back to you depending on what you write in for. I wouldn’t necessarily make this a MAJOR con because when you have over a million members, sometimes your ticket may be buried. BUT you do have the community to reach out to that could probably help you speed up the process of figuring out a solution.

Fourth, some of the classes overlap. So when you start working through your training modules, you’ll notice some of the earlier lessons seeming the same due to users selecting one training course over another.

Overall, most of these may be subjective but are the most noticeable aspects to me at this point in time.

Free to Start

One of the reasons I gave Wealthy Affiliate (WA) a shot was because it has a free plan WITHOUT having to use a credit card to sign up.

On the free side of WA, you get access to 10 websites you can create at no extra charge with Wealthy Affiliate. Now, this doesn’t mean you get free OUTRIGHT domains like yoursitedomain.com…it’ll look like yoursitedomain.rubix.com (sort of like when you create your site on WordPress and it looks like yoursitedomain.wordpress.com).

Speaking of WordPress (WP), WA uses WP as their site host for your websites. If you are already familiar with WP then you’ll have a headstart on how to add to your site. Personally, I had to give myself a refresher (thankfully they include one in the training) but like riding a bike, once you are familiar it all becomes second nature.

BONUS: When you sign up for your free account, you’re automatically given a free week trial of the “premium” version of WA. Personally, I LOVED this option because it really gave me an insider’s view of what the paid version of the site is like, again, WITHOUT needing a credit card on file.

Next, we’ll go over some of the training you can expect with a little overview of what to expect in the beginning phases.

Costs of Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Since we discussed the free side of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), here is what costs money with WA:

  • Premium Membership ($50 monthly, though they offer different plans that can give you additional discounts)
  • Website domains (between $12-$15 per domain for 1 year, but you can pay for multiple years if desired)

The best part is there is NO COMMITMENT as far as signing up for premium membership and website domains, so if you decide you don’t want to renew, they are not going to hound you about continuing to pay.

There are other things you can pay for but as far as premium membership with WA is concerned, these are your only costs at the time of this writing.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Overview

This is where most newbies will want to begin.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training is going to help you build and grow a business in whatever niche you desire. 

The training starts by helping you decide what niche you’d like to dive into and website creation. You will then learn how to start generating traffic for your site, mastering social engagement to keep those readers coming back for more, and the most important thing and why we’re all here…learning how to monetize your site to start earning!

I found this section REALLY opened up my understanding of how the Internet works and how ANYBODY with an Internet connection can really learn how to make money online.


Affiliate Bootcamp Training Overview

As the name implies, this takes you through training of how to develop your affiliate marketing prowess.

You will dive right in by creating your website and first articles to get your site indexed and available for those searching the Internet to land on your page. 

As the training progress, you will learn other tactics like learning how to give your site social value, the visual side of creating your site and content, learning how to identify your audience to increase your referral rate, and how to use pay per click (PPC) to your advantage (including how to run a PPC campaign) to grow and further monetize your site.

Personally, this is one of the PRICELESS parts of being a WA member. There’s A LOT of info out there but WA does a great job of sifting through and providing valuable info for WA members in one spot. 

Not to mention, again, when it comes to having questions that maybe WA doesn’t have on file or something you may be having a hard time understanding, the WA community is a GREAT resource as there are members from all walks of life and success waiting to help out a member in need.

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a great platform for beginners and those that have some knowledge of the online industry but not fully sure how to get going so to speak.

The fact that you can test drive the site and figure out if WA is for you without having to worry about linking a credit card to the account is a HUGE win-win in my book. 

After the first week, I felt CONFIDENT in taking advantage of their first-month special (it was like $20) and eventually purchased a yearly subscription because I remain confident in the WA platform and how it can contribute to my own personal success in making money online.

If you’re on the fence, I would recommend giving it a go for a week and try some of the training they offer.

WA gives you a week free trial of the premium membership and even reduce the price for your first month of premium if you decide you like what they offer!

I remember being SUPER SKEPTICAL because I thought I’d read it all before and was sick of the webinars telling me the ONLY way to commit is to spend money on their next best thing.

At least at WA, I DIDN’T have to spend money to get started. They allowed me access to the resources and community to see for myself and that led to me being CONFIDENT that I had found the right platform for me.

Go ahead and give it a go ===> Sign Up Here.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or tell me about your experience below! I truly understand that some folks may like it more than others but I want to know how you feel regardless of if your experience was positive or negative. 



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